A new super donor.....us?

A lot of people have pointed out that the biggest problem for Alumni influence with the Administration is that none of our major donors are actual grads, thus the Alumniā€™s wishes are largely ignored, so things like football and the name change are also ignored.

The actual official Alumni Association exsists, as does our official booster club; but it seems that up till this point, neither have the influence that a strong donor would. Plus both are part of the university, which might limit their independence from it.

Perhaps its time for an organization which can act with independence from the Administrationsā€™ wishes.

This non-profit would act as an independent organization with the specific goal of modifying the administrationsā€™ oppinions on important topics through donation control.

Instead of giving directly to the University, we would pool our resources first and offer it in a lump sum. This way we as a group increase our influence with the university.

CFI might be able to serve as such an organization, or another one may need to be formed.

This is a suggestion, what do we all think?

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