AAC Basketball 🏀

Likely windfall for UAB. :star::star::star::star: 6’10 205 C from Birmingham. Transfer from CHeat.

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Another Kansas JUCO headed to the AAC:

God what are we doing? We aren’t even going to be able to compete with these teams.


I’d say we were pretty comparable in recruiting guys looking for PT, as the vast majority of these transfers are. And the league favorite is still going to be FAU, which so far hasn’t found a replacement for Forrest. One time Niner target Caleb Mills being the most notable transfer into the conference - actually transferring back into the AAC - isn’t really generating that much buzz.

Owls and Cougars in the Battle of Space City on December 6th:

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Not sure why Miller playing up Shaver - only appeared in 3 games for the Heels. Like most of these transfers to the AAC looking for PT, we’ll see:

FAU mentioned as a “Winner”:

SMU mentioned among “Other teams who elevated their rosters through the portal”:

So how many transfers were left without homes?

That may not be known for some time. Players were entering the portal all the way up to the deadline.