AAC Basketball 🏀

What !? No mention of Charlotte!?
Does he not know about our 9-2 OOC record…our progress or our pillars…or our leader of men that our parents love!!!

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NET rankings (thru games played 3-5):

1 Houston
34 Memphis
72 UCF
79 Cincy
100 Tulane
108 Wichita State
121 Temple
184 USF
209 ECU
210 SMU
323 Tulsa

It’s like our Niners basketball program is like an embarrassing relative that nobody likes to talk about in public

Worst team in C-USA (and AAC?) lands a 3*!

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See that Rice and Tulsa also offered Mahmoud, as well as TCU. Henson has been recruiting him for a while:

clt says utsa mbb is the most important thing in the aac right now

Where is the AAC men’s basketball tournament being played next season?

I have nightmares of it being @ The Curtain, redux.

With the addition of 3 Texas teams, I was hoping they could, at minimum, keep it at Dickies arena (Ft Worth).



AAC board shouldn’t throw stones with Tulsa #324.

Konkol getting the gang back together!

Something to consider when AAC is looking at future sites for the MBB tournament:

And actually brought to light earlier in the week on AL.com. Apparently an ongoing concern and not just with Legacy but other sports venues in Birmingham as well:

We could host the AAC tournament in Charlotte. Men’s at Spectrum and women’s at Halton. People can take the train if they want to move back and forth.

Both stadiums are more than capable of handling the crowds and there’s plenty of hotel space in both locations.

We have a great airport that allows you to get downtown or to campus quickly.

Does this just make too much sense?

Am I missing something?

Would love to see us get in the mix for this.


During our CUSA 1.0 days the issue IIRC was always finding a sponsor for the tournament and the host school has to line that up. Our AD either couldn’t find one or wouldn’t put in the work to find one.


Looks like Pera losing his best player:

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Wasn’t he one of the players that was cheering us on in this week?

Probably has his eyes set higher but would be a killer addition, taking Gipson’s spot.



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