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No word on whether his daughter is part of the deal:


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Good thread about the Tulsa opening:

Maybe a “not so fast” on the GT job?

I think there is an outside chance Deion ends up at FAU or USF.

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USF fan sources are saying that there should be some kind of announcement regarding their H.C. search as soon as today.

I think he’d have more success there than at Colorado

I think Deion is trying to create a bidding war. He publicly announced Colorado had offered him the job and “others”. Not a good look IMO might backfire on him. He did something similar with CBS many years ago as a commentator.

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I think you are right. I think he is also smart enough to realize that he probably isn’t the best fit at Colorado.

I once lived in Jackson, MS. Let me tell you, it is rough, man. My apartment, not my building but my apartment, received gunfire in the middle of the night during an attempted/foiled car theft. There are armed security guards in a lot of the retail establishments there. It’s a dangerous place. If Deion can recruit and be successful there then I think he can do it most places.

Deion was born in FLA, played his college ball at FSU, spent most of his NFL career in the South (Atlanta and Dallas), and is now coaching in the deep South. I think Colorado would be too much of a culture shock for him. I think he would do best coaching a FLA or GA team, so USF and FAU both make a lot of sense to me.

There are loads of talented college football players in Mississippi and the surrounding area. Not trying to be disparaging here but the admission standards at Jackson State are virtually nonexistent. Barstool Sports paid some players to go there. Props to Deion for building that program up but Colorado is a whole different environment with less talent in your backyard, tougher competition in the PAC12, and higher admission standards.


clt says he is more qualified than saturday

Loving that Tulane kept their coach!

We need Tulane to keep their upward trajectory.

Now we just need Thompson and Dubose to change their minds.


Dilfer is surprising, will be interesting to see if he can maintain what Clark built there.

My initial reaction is I don’t think it will work out for UAB. Need someone with fire in their belly. I might be wrong but I can’t think of many former NFL stars working out as college coaches.


Um, Mike Minter, hello! :wink: