ACC Commissioner doesn't like his teams playing at G5's

"Coming off a year in which the ACC played 10 road games at non-Power 5 opponents — and lost three of them — schools received new guidance from the league office: Don’t. While the nonconference portions of the schedules to be released Monday are often set years if not decades in advance, the ACC has asked schools to schedule most, if not all, of their future nonconference road games at either Power 5 teams or Army.

That sounds simple enough, except it can cost anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million to buy a home game against even a low-level FBS team, and playing home-and-homes or two-for-ones are often the best balance between finances and, to be blunt, wins."

That’s not going to fly in NC. ECU used political power to force this issue decades ago and now they have App and us to back them up. Phillips can pound sand.

clt says he wouldn’t care if they didn’t lose

and we are #P6

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Just a reminder of what their slapass commissioner said in July 2022 here in Charlotte after the latest round of realignment news broke…
“Any new structure of the NCAA must serve the many, not a collective few. We are not the professional ranks. This isn’t the NFL- or NBA-Lite. This shouldn’t be a winner-take-all or zero-sum structure. College sports have never been elitist or singularly commercial.”

His approach would actually serve the G5 better, financially. Body-bag games aren’t cheap and who’s taking $1m from the ACC when the SEC and the Big10 are paying out $2M? Works out better for the ACC money-wise to do 1-and-1’s.

Or Army? That odd to say especially without saying Navy and Air Force

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Navy and Air Force are in EVIL G5 conferences!