Action Shows

So what do 24 people watch when it’s not on?
I thought about Prison Break, Jericho, & Lost, but they seem like shows where if you haven’t seen it, it’s too late.
I looked at Painkiller Jane & Flash Gordon on Sci-Fi, Supernatural on WB, & Man vs. Wild & Survivorman on Discovery.
Painkiller Jane has super powers to defeat death, & catch criminals, & Flash Gordon is trying to find his dad through a rift to another planet.
I think Man vs. Wild is better than Survivorman. I like to see how to survive if God forbid I got lost somewhere.
I think I’ll try Bionic Woman on NBC when it comes out.
I saw a couple of action shows on BBC America. One is Torchwood, kind of like Supernatural, & the other is MI-5. MI-5 was better, but the ending of the episode I saw, where they let a rich man off, seemed unrealistic.
BBC America is supposed to have a season premier of a 24 similarity today or tom., Ultimate Force. I’ll watch to see what it’s like.


I haven’t seen Heroes because I didn’t quite understand it.
Also, Tina Turner said we didn’t need anymore. LOL.

No doubt… Heroes kicks ass! Even if you did not see last season you should be able to jump in monday night.

No doubt.. Heroes kicks ass! Even if you did not see last season you should be able to jump in monday night.

I’m really looking forward to it. I didn’t realize it was coming back so soon until about a month and a half ago. I was very happy to hear it. Just sitting in the theatre waiting for my movie to start and there it was, a little commercial for the new season.

Stonecold, you’d really like LKNtv. It’s on Thursday nights at 8pm on Time Warner channel 9.

I’ve gotten into Burn Notice. Series finale was last night though so no new episodes until next summer.

I forgot about Burn Notice on USA.
I want him to get the bastard that burned him.

I’ve seen the pilot of Boinic Woman last week.
It’s pretty good storywise and the chick is pretty hot. Also Katie Sakoff who some of you may know as Starbuck from BSG is playing the"first" bionic woman, so I’m onboard for that.

The best guy friendly new show on the major networks is going to be “Reaper” on the CW. It’s about a slacker guy who’s parents sold his sold to the devil before he was born. To fulfill this contract, he’s working for the devil as a bounty hunter to send rogue souls (demons etc.) back into heaven. It’s cast well and from what I can tell is written well.
It’s a little quirky, a little weird and should be pretty good.


I’m still pissed Drive was cancelled.
The last 2 episodes were Internet only, & I saw the next to last one. I need to see the last one before they pull it. I hope that dude gets his wife back, & the blonde chick gets revenge for her parents.
Also, I think the $32 Mil. is a scam, & no one gets squat!

I like Burn Notice, but I don’t know how Michael convinces these criminals to not kill him.
I watched MI-5 on BBC America for the 2nd time, & for the 2nd time it had an unrealistic ending. It was the Season Finale, & a guy who wanted to prove his innocence did something so shocking, that no one from his MI-5 division will care anymore that he is innocent.