AD simple marketing challenge

I issue NN to find 1 other NCAA team that uses such messy wrinkled media backdrops like the Charlotte 49ers use. Hell even high schools use these things -->>> wrinkle free.

Attn to detail marketing folks, attn to detail. I would fire my marketing assistant if our trade show material looked as such.

I would be irate if I’m the Wells Fargo brand manager.

Marshall from last night:

You can see where it was folded (which is unfortunately right at head level so you focus on it) but the rest of it is crisp. Our photo doesn’t look like there is a fold issue, so much as they left it in the corner wadded up.

Your photo is def not the worst I’ve seen that backdrop. Introduction of Odom was significantly worse.

Big budget solution

This is a funny thread because over often been asked by this same issue when watching press conferences

Thank gawd it’s black. Green would really look like it was in the clothes hamper

This thread is right up there with my complaint about not updating the C-USA logos on the football field (for two years now). When it comes to branding consistency our AD is probably dead last in D1 in caring and attention to detail.