Adam Mills Update: On the Way to AA Portland

[B][URL=]Adam Mills[/URL], 23, Lancaster JetHawks/Boston Red Sox, RHP[/B] [B]IP H BB SO ERA[/B]
A- 35 32 9 37 2.04 (2007)
A 53 60 10 30 4.10 (2008)
On the one hand, Mills has weathered the pitcher’s nightmare that is Lancaster quite capably in 2008. In fact, after allowing 13 ER in his first 13 IP, Mills has settled down and allowed given up 11 ER in his last 39.2 IP. He has struck out 13 batters without issuing a free pass in the past three games.
On the other hand, Mills is 23 years old and advanced for this level of play. Still, I think it is fair to say that the 5-11, 190-pounder out of UNC Charlotte is doing what he needs to do to pass the required tests in order to climb the Red Sox Minor League ranks. How he fares once promoted to AA Portland will be the tell-tale sign as to whether Mills is the performance analyst’s pipe-dream or a legitimate “if he is good he might be good” success story.


LOVE having a niner in the SAWKS organization! GOING TO AA! we’ll see him at fenway someday! GO ADAM! GO SAWKS! GO NINERS!

Great News !!! I hope he makes it to “THE SHOW”.

The Sox AAA team visits Ft. Mill on June 3rd-6th and not again until next season.

Just our luck, he’ll probably spend part of this summer with Pawtuckett.

never heard of that webstie…

anyways, strange timing. He got shelled his last outing badly, and his numbers are near darn near unacceptable in terms of IP-K-H.

I got a feeling they are pushing him thru the system to fish or cut bait.

I remember Maine struggling and I defended him staunchly, hopefully Mills can make the adjustments, and I think he can.

I can tell you if you are struggling in A ball, you might feel a tad awkward getting promoted to AA after a bad outing, his inner confidence will be tested.

I suspect the Red Sox may even be protecting him getting him out of that offensive league where the ball flies in the thin mtn air.


total mess up on my part

I thought the above post said he had got promoted, thats how it reads “on the way to Portland”

Love the 0 bb’s, not so much the 0 K’s.


Pitched 8 sold innings of 2-hit shutout ball yesterday for A Lancaster: