Adding some new Admins to NNN

Today, I’ve added some new admins. Given how often I’ve been able to visit during the day and our departures, it was just left up to NA. So, to keep the site moving forward and to keep you guys in line (HA!) we are adding three.

All three have been around the forum here on NinerNation for 16+ years. Though they each have their area, they’ll help out with making sure that Russian Bot gets deleted, reigning in that gone too far @ghostofclt shoutbox post :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, or whatever else happens along the way.

It’s hard to believe the site has been around long enough to have people who have been here 16 years. I’m glad we’re still here and so glad that even though it is “2020” we have what looks to be a brighter Niner future to look forward to.



Thanks for making and keeping this a special place Mac.

Welcome to our new mods. These are all folks we’ve known for a long time so it feels weird calling them new… But it was past time for some new blood, and I appreciate the help!

Welcome Run, Alumnus and Mr B!

Those baseball fans are a rowdy bunch, I can see why you need two enforcers over there.

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