AJ Mead leaving

Now AJ Mead is leaving the AD…

Never heard of him. What does he do

That sucks, he did an amazing job with the football videos.

Alum and Media Production Coordinator

Huge loss. The guy is flat out funny and creative. He gets it
I would chop block Sweirad and give all broadcasting to AJ ASAP.

This is a big loss for the AD, tough shoes to fill. AJ was great at everything he did for Charlotte and, more importantly, was passionate about it. I’m sure his new position is a step up.

Totally agree. I knew we wouldn’t be able to hold on to him forever. Huge loss for our AD.

Very talented guy. We weren’t going to be able to hold on to him forever. He deserves it. He works his butt off. Happy for him.

Really enjoyed what he had done with the Football video series and other Niner vids. Tough loss.

Wish him well.

Congrats AJ. I do not really know, but it seems like we did not have video features before he started them. I guess some of that was timing and technology, and some of it was his efforts. Either way we took a nice step forward and he helped define expectations for that role. I hate to lose him but this is exactly how it is supposed to work. Come in and do an outstanding job, then find your next opportunity. Everybody wins. I hope the next person continues the good work.

Happy for AJ. Big loss for the university but great to have a talented alum moving forward. In the long run that is what will make this a great university. Hopefully we fill his shoes with another passionate Niner. best wishes, AJ.

So that is why we aren’t having new videos until next season.