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Any cyclists on here?

I purchased my first ‘real’ bike around 2006 (Gary Fisher Wahoo Disc). I didn’t really ride a trail until moving to NE Iowa in 2008.

I got a road bike (Specialized Allez Sport) to do triathlons around 2010.

A couple of years ago, a friend introduced me to fat tire bikes and then cyclocross. I have been using my Specialized Fatboy in CX races for the past 4 years.

My n+1 bike is a cyclocross bike - preferably a Gary Fisher Presidio or Erwin.

What is your cycling story?

I got into it for health reasons, though I rode like crazy when I was a kid.

I have a 2017 (I think?) Specialized Sirrus Sport Carbon. I love the looks of it, but I haven’t been riding regularly for about 3 years. I intend to fix that as soon as it warms up soon. I miss it.

It’s a great bike but it really does wanna live more on paved surfaces. My son has standard Trek Marlin 5 and he tears all over the place with that thing, regardless of terrain. He’s fast as hell on it too. Hard to keep up with him.

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You should get out to Uwharrie. Trail climbs will kick your ass, the view is better in the winter and early spring and the down hills are the best outside of our western nc mountains

USAC release the roster for the CX World Champs: USA Cycling Names 2023 Cyclocross World Championship… | USA Cycling

It is disappointing to see only 3 elites. Bill at CX hairs posted a link to the qualification criteria: Microsoft Word - UPDATED SEP 9 - 2023 CX World Championships Selection Criteria.docx

I get the impression that USAC doesn’t want to fund anyone to go to the World Champs. Winning nationals only gets you an invite. Winning Pan-Ams doesn’t do anything (note: countries with a continental champion get allocated an extra slot for worlds).

USAC has been under a lot of scrutiny lately and this won’t help their case.

For those of you interested in the racing world of cycling - The Move podcast has published both their men’s preview and their women’s preview.


Lance and the team are a good listen (IMHO).

Also, the world championships for Cyclocross are in Hoogerheide, Netherlands this weekend.

CX Worlds was highly entertaining this weekend. It is worth the watch.

Into Mountain Biking, ride most of the local trails, WWC mostly.
Do it for fun and exercise mainly.
Don’t trust road riding. People don’t pay attention and hate cyclist
on the highways.
Yes, you can get hurt Mountain biking, but nothing like getting hit by a car.

I still ‘mountain’ bike occasionally here in Iowa (trail riding is probably the better term). Most of my rides are on the hard surface trail system here in town. I do ride on the roads, but I stick to neighborhood roads with low speed limits and not a lot of traffic.

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