Alltime favorite Niners by position...

hey, I’m bored, why not…

pg - Sean Colson
sg - Jobey Thomas
sf - Eddie Basden
pf - Demarco Johnson
c - tie between Kenkay Jones and Cam Stephens
other - Chris Dwiggins
(can you tell I have only been following Niners hoops since the mid/late 90’s?)

whats your favorite 5 or 6?

I personally think “We want Dwiggins” should be the official call for scrubs to hit the floor. Man he was the ultimate. By his senior season, he even had a little shake and bake to his game.

I’ve only been following the Niners since I entered school in January 1998 but here it goes:

PG: Sean Colson
SG: Galen Young
SF: Eddie Basden
PF: Cam Stephens
C: Kelvin Price

Can you tell that I DON’T love the three.

pg Sean Colson, Melvin Watkins
sg Henry Williams, Byron Dinkins/Chad Kinch (tie)
sf Lew Massey, Frank Persley/James Zimmerman (tie)
pf Jarvis Lang, Demarco Johnson
c Cedric Maxwell, Kelvin Price

[i]Originally posted by MEGRNiner[/i]@Jul 19 2004, 07:03 PM [b] pf Jarvis Lang [/b]
damn, i completely forgot about Jarvis! i used to have a poster of him on my wall when i was like 9 years old. it was of him holding the rim from a backboard he had just shattered from a nasty monster dunk. man Lang was a beast

G Henry Williams
G Chad Kinch
C Cedric Maxwell
F Jarvis Lang
F DeMarco Johnson

That’s a dream team if I ever saw one. Now, more niche-based:

PG Sean Colson
SG Jobey Thomas
C Kelvin Price
F Eddie Basden
PF Rodney White

PG - Byron Dinkins
SG - Henry Williams
SF- Jarvis Lang
PF- Cedric Maxwell
C- Grom or Jack Bolley

Anyone remember Lamar Drye? He was Dwiggins with more game. Ran into him last week. He’s in sales with a data storage company.

PG-Sean Colson
SG-Henry Williams
SF-Jarvis Lang
PF-Demarco Johnson
C-Jermaine Parker

6th Man-James “Trigger” Terrell

PG Melvin Watkins / Keith Williams / Sean Colson
SG Chad Kinch / Henry Williams / Jobey Thomas
C Cedric Maxwell / Kelvin Price
SF Lew Massey / Jarvis Lang
PF Melvin Johnson / Demarco Johnson / Rodney White

6th man - Skip Shipman / Jeff Gruber

Bobblin nailed it for me.

PG - Colson
SG - Henry
SF - Jarvis
PF - DeMarco
C - Jermaine Parker

why do so many people have jarvis lang listed at small forward? wasnt he a big huge pf/c. just curious, i was very young when he was playing so i dont really remember him too well

Jarvis was abut 6’7, 230 as I recall. (6’8 with the box/fade 'do) I have no idea what he was listed at. He wasn’t a big guy by any means, but he brought the house down with his dunks. He subscribed to the Charles Barkley idealogy - if you’re gonna go up, go up STRONG. I seem to remember a quote about how much Barkley liked his game. Jarvis was and is the best dunker I’ve ever seen in a Niner uniform, and one of the hardest working guys to ever suit up for us.

SG - Jobey
SF - Zimmerman (know he was only here two years but he was a player)
PF - Demarco
C - Kuehl!!!

6th man - Kendrick Smith

I listed Jarvis at SF b/c you have to have Demarco on the list. I mean, look at that fro!!!

[i]Originally posted by KTown49er[/i]@Jul 20 2004, 09:47 AM [b] Bobblin nailed it for me.

PG - Colson
SG - Henry
SF - Jarvis
PF - DeMarco
C - Jermaine Parker [/b]


PG-Jimmy Fields - Hey, at least he was Muggsy’s cousin.
SG-Dimingus Bundy - Dimingus edges out Phillipe Theodore and Cris Carter for
this one.
SF-Prentice Woods - Did he ever actually play a game during his 8 different stints
PF-Raheem Richardson - It would be tough to displace Ellious Swanigan, who
Real once left out of the media guide, but Raheem failed “Walk/Jog/Run.” How
the $%&* do you fail Walk/Jog/Run!?!?!
C-T.J. Tison. No Contest. ANy person who has more career technical fouls than
points has to make the list.

lol thats a hell of a team smoothie

I am really disappointed that Galen Young isn’t getting any love. What gives?

PG Watkins
C Maxwell
SF Massey
PF King
SG Kinch

Now that team could take us to the Final Four…oh, that’s right, they did!