Alosi under the Jets bus

I already thought it was dubious to complain about tripping if you’re 6-7 yards out of bounds (not close to inbounds,) but hey that’s the rule.

But come on, Alosi has had 5 players lined up every ST play all season, & the ST Coach & Head Coach of the Jets know nothing? BS. Throw Alosi under the bus to save your own a55!

“The wall” is cheap, but it is probably legal, I don’t know why everybody is claiming to not know about that. He deserves what he got for the tripping, but if the wall move isn’t illegal I’m guessing a lot of teams probably do that. It’s been proven time and time again that these coaches will do absolutely anything possible to try to get the slightest competitive advantage.

But yea, this guy is obviously taking the fall here, and I’m sure the higher ups are loving any distraction the media gets from their past two games.

Tyler Brayton

Yeah Brayton does worse, gets fined less (but makes a lot more,) doesn’t get suspended for the rest of the year, & then doesn’t get suspended indefinitely (& probably fired.)