An all new episode of The 49ers Insider hosted by Kaitlin Knight! Watch NOW!!

Click the link below to watch an all new episode of The 49ers Insider.

The format of the show has changed a bit. Although the show will still air weekly on UNC Charlotte Cable Television Channel 22. It will be produced monthly. The segments are a bit different, more like feature segments.

This show has a segment on football, volleyball’s fundraiser for breast cancer research, and Cross country’s Adu Dentamo’s academic side.

Still hosted by student-athletes.



Good choice of hosts. :wub:

Good choice of hosts. :wub:

Ha Haaa! Thanks.

bump for 49RFootball Now.

Watching it on TV now.

I think we need fieldhouse blueprints.

is there any way they can be made ‚Äėpermanent hosts‚Äô?

is there any way they can be made 'permanent hosts'?

What are you saying early?

[QUOTE=The 49ers Insider;433485]What are you saying early?[/QUOTE]
i’m agreeing w/ post # 2 above!

Good choice of hosts. :wub:
I think I want to go see a volleyball game. Do yall play the Heels?

Bump. A volleyball term.