An Atlantic 10 welcome from Saint Joseph's

With the first games just a few weeks away now I wanted to stop in and say welcome to the A-10. We have certainly heard a lot about Withers from Phil Martelli’s experience with him this summer.

Charlotte brings a lot to the table and while the first year or so can be an adventure as the team and coaches become familiar with a new set of away arenas and competitors the talent you bring to the conference is considerable.

At Hawk Hill we invite and welcome good natured banter and discussion among competitors. If you are interested in other A-10 team’s boards, etc. you will find links to them under “Club Links” on the right side of the SJU Hawk Hoop Club web site. The link to our message board is simply “message board” on the upper left frame of the page.

Here is the link to the Hawk Hoop Club site

Hawk Hoop Club

Thanks for dropping by. Many of us are excited to be in the A-10. We got tired of beating up on Memphis, Louisville, and Cincy every year B) and are looking forward to the new competition.

Yeah and we got tired of getting our ass kicked at St Louis… oh wait they came with us.