An unexpected Father's Day gift

It wasn’t a tie. It’s alive!

Cameron walked into the yard last night while I was watering the plants and presented me with an 8-week old Weimaraner puppy. We had two of them while I was a teen. My 11-year old Lab isn’t taking the new addition too well. She’s snapped at the little one twice and stays on the other side of the room.

The first Father’s Day without my dad is going to be one to remember.

beautiful puppy!! gonna be a big one!

good lookin pup.

Now for names:

  • Norm ?

  • Wyo ?

Perfect name: Tintin

[QUOTE=SilvioDante;324779]good lookin pup.

Now for names:

  • Norm ?

  • Wyo ?[/QUOTE]
    An unnamed NNN member has privately suggested the name of CHP. It was quickly determined that would be considered animal cruelty to name her as such.

Personally, I’m leaning towards Ahdammit. :biggrin:


Last Father’s Day was the first without my Dad for me.

Life isn’t the same, but I know I’ll see him again someday.

I’ve got 2 kids, so I’m Dad now.

Great puppy!

Happy Father’s Day!

Personally, I’m leaning towards Ahdammit. :biggrin:[/QUOTE]

either that or Uncle Remus.

Insider, I’m sure Dad is laughing away at me with this puppy. We had two Weimaraners years ago and he always loved it when wither of them got the best of me (quite often). Dad thought they were the best dogs around.

When I read the thread title, I was certain that HP got a poor woman pregnant.

survivor, had that been the case, Over40 would have been given the opportunity to break that regional news to everyone.

survivor, had that been the case, Over40 would have been given the opportunity to break that regional news to everyone.

[QUOTE=HP49er;324787]…Ahdammit… [/QUOTE]

THAT IS CLASSIC!! If I was drinking milk, it would be coming out of my nose!!! Couldn’t every pup have that name?? How about “Looper” (a lean to the 49er’s golf team?)

Awesome looking dog! How are they HP… since you have had them in the past? Temperament? Health? etc… They are one of my favorites and iff’in I was going to get a dog, the Weimaraner would be right at the top of the list!

Happy Father’s Day!

(that goes for all the Pop’s out there!)

Thanks jdm.

In response to your question, Weimaraners are a nice breed. It used to be rare to fnd them as the breed was carefully controlled. The “mismits” were taken away and killed early in their life. Still, they are not seen often. They don’t shed and can be any combination of sporting dogs… a retriever, a pointer and a hunter.

[QUOTE]They are very protective of their family and can be very territorial. They can be aloof to strangers, and must be thoroughly socialized when young to prevent aggression. They are also highly intelligent, sensitive and problem-solving animals, which earned them an epithet “dog with a human brain.”[/QUOTE]
They are very “family” but tend to take after one person the most and be stand by them until theend. Our first one, Duchess, was very protective of Mom, Dad and myself. But when Mom was around, she stayed at her side. If we got up and stood beside Mom, Duchess would get up and stand between us. If we gently slapped Mom on the wrist, Duchess would first bark at you. If you continued, she’d grab your wrist, just hard enough to let you know that she was watching what you did closely.

They have an incredibe sense of smell. If you give them the scent, they’ll track it down. They can hunt rabbits one day, foxes the next, birds the next. This one seems to have a decent nose. She doesn’t care for a leash yet so I’ll have to wait a little while before I take her in the woods.

Awww, Congrats! Those are beautiful dogs! Have a wonderful fathers day!