I was trying to get a similar question answered, but “Justin” beat me to it:

[b]Justin (Winston Salem, NC) So, Andy what is your take on the Charlotte 49ers. I think we are going to run Alabama this weekend, and if it werent for our bismal free throw shooting against Rutgers we would be undefeated. Is a 5 seed in the tourney too much to hope for? Thanks.

I’m going to that game and I’m looking forward to seeing this Charlotte team. I was stunned that they lost to Rutgers. Curtis Withers is one of the most improved playes in the country. I won’t be surprised if, by season’s ends, Charlotte is atop the Conference USA standings.

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I hope we can live up to his expectations of us. Good to know we are getting some respect from Katz though.

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Katz is gonna be busy on Saturday. Further down in the chat he says he’s going to be a the UNC/Kentucky game earlier in the day. Man, I would kill to have that job!

[i]Originally posted by NinerAdvocate[/i]@Dec 2 2004, 04:17 PM [b]Curtis Withers is one of the most improved playes in the country.[/b]
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He has been the definition of ‘disappointment’ this year. Scoring and rebounding are down and he’s looked completely out of it most of his time on the court this year.

I like the respect from Katz, but you have to wonder if he’s seen a Charlotte game yet.

… wonder what he’d have to say about what he saw?

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Maybe he’ll say something today on that.