Annual Pilgrimage

This year my annual pilgrimage to see my Niners is Wednesday Night’s game. Is there someplace where Niner Nation meets before the game? Also, could someone remind me…being a 49er Club Member allows me to attend something at halftime, right? Thanks for your help!

Tenniner (Tennessee Niner)

With it being a weeknight game, most people will likely head straight to the game from work or after a brief stop at home. However, you can try O’Charleys or Picasso’s if you’re looking for a few Niner fans hanging out before heading over to Halton.

As for halftime, yes, you should have a booklet of tear-offs for each game. As long as you have your tear-off for the La. La. game, you can head upstairs at halftime for some modest refreshments (cup of soda/bag of chips).

Glad you’re making it down! Go Niners!

Thanks JCL!!

You know, I just really don’t care for having a job. I have to rush pretty much straight from work to the game with no time to have a drink or two.

If somebody could, I would really like a job that starts at around 11am and lasts until about 3pm. I will even skip my lunch break. I do need to be paid well. I have a lot of bills.