Another Surgery in the family...

My father goes under the knife on September 14th. He’s having a bulging disk in his spine fixed. As of right now it is causing him incredible pain. So hopefully this will take care of it. If you could keep him in your thoughts and prayers that would be great.

Mom Update: she’s almost back to 100%. She is around 90% the doctor’s estimate. She has random test to see if the repair of the valve is doing well. Last week they hooked her up to a EKG machine. But all in all she is doing well.


Thinking about you and your family.


[QUOTE=Charlotte Soccer Coach;255181]Dax,

Thinking about you and your family.



my dad is having surgery today. so everyone keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

hope everyone has an amazing friday!!!

I hope the surgery goes well.

for the most part it went well. his heart stopped before they started operating on him. they hit his chest and it started back again. He looked good when i went back to see how he was.