Another Wrestler Found dead....

Long term steroid use in a profession with virtually no regulations tends to lead to premature death. I’d venture to say a large percentage of those on the death list used at some point or used heavily during their career. Pretty obvious from looking at most of them. Especially the ones that come on to the scene looking like a typical gym rat with a gut and then in 3 months, they look like overly vascular world class body builders.

Bottom line is that the pro rasslin’ lifestyle is unsafe on many levels but those guys get so caught up in the money/fame that they don’t give a crap about the consequences. Of course, there are many who lived the life pretty clean and are still active well into their older age so there are always exceptions.

[QUOTE=CharSFNiners;245124]The funny thing is I’ve seen posts and stories saying he left for contractual reasons from WCW to WWF, but he actually left b/c he was held back.[/QUOTE]

Title shots and pushes are frequently included in contracts. A contract is more than just money.

Sorry I meant to specify that the stories and posts I read did not specify those things and just that he took less money b/c of his “event status.” It was obvious WWE told him they would do more with him.