Antibody invented at Charlotte could curb pancreatic cancer relapse and metastasis


R1 getting closer and closer…

This is super impressive. Wonderful news and wonderful the work was done here.

Classic example of why U’s compete for rock star faculty. They attract and develop talent as well as produce their own research.

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clt this is amazing research, well done

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As someone in the Oncology Research space, this is very impressive and a very proud moment for the University. Keep up the good and valuable research. Most don’t understand how good our graduate Healthcare Data Science PhD program and MPH programs are at CLT. Hired by top Pharma’s all the time and published at Industry Conf’s frequently. Off my soap box.


If this gets reported as happening at UNC we riot.


It has already happened. They are “the” UNC. We have to change our name. Would not happen at Appalachian, NC State, or ECU.


Imagine what good for the world that could be done if we had a medical school?


Not to hijack this thread with medical school news, but I am fascinated to see how the new University of Illinois medical school works. It’s supposedly an engineering-based medical school competing against the larger medical schools of UChicago, Northwestern, and UIC. I think a niche medical school could be great for us, as long as it is for MD and not DO.

Similar with Texas’ new medical school in Austin.


Interesting how the UNC system told us for almost 40 years the city of Charlotte did not need a med school, although we remained the largest city in th US without one. Most recently we hired a company to research if Charlotte met the need; we did.

Next thing you know, under the cover of darkness, the UNC system agreed and had already made plans for UNC Chapel Hill to encroach our region with a “their” med school in Charlotte.

We should all be EXTREMELY PISSED!

I like the suggestion above to create a niche med school at THE University of Charlotte.

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Thankful to be under new management. :call_me_hand:


And then they overestimated their value, ruined their relationship with their planned partner, and lost the medical school to wake forest. Got a big dose of karma because of their ego.

Sucks we still don’t have a school, but i laughed when it was announced wake forest was atriums medical school partner after unc backed out of the atrium merger because they demanded the combined system be called unc health.

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I’d be happy with a well ran DO school. Especially if they can affiliate with Novant. Medical school curriculums are similar between the two

I say all that as an MD who hates seeing UNC dominate all things Medical in the UNC system.


If you have not do so already, take a look at the credentials for the incoming Provost. She begins work on January 3rd.

UNC Charlotte names Ohio State leader as next provost | Inside UNC Charlotte | UNC Charlotte.

  • Specialized med school
  • Pharm school
  • Lutz
  • Vet school

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