Antwon Coleman

[b]Coleman's goal is to help Charlotte win the Atlantic 10 in its first season and go deep in the NCAA tournament.[/b]

Enjoy this one. Summertime and Jena gets us this… When the rubber hits the loads, Charlotte Observer.

I hope she has a few more stories left.

Flipping the tire video

Surprise, Surprise!!! I was pleasantly surpised when I opened up the sports section this morning (Front page headliner - huge photo). At first I thought it was a Panther player. Coleman sounds like a colorful guy with those quotes.


“I don’t know who saw it, but I wish they would have left it where it was. I’m hurting now. That’s football material.”[/b]

Heheh… “Dump Truck.” I have a feeling that one is gonna stick.

He does look a lot slimmer in that video than the last picture I saw of him.

Hell Yeah! A Coleman article!!! haha I was very pleased to open up the paper and see that this morning. I have talked with Coleman breifly at the summer league games, and he seems like a really cool and pretty funny guy. I cant wait to see him on the court in Halton this year. Mr Persinger this is AWESOME. Great Job on the article Jena!

first paper ive bought in a long time :smiley:

The observer got my money today. Good job Jena!

I’m glad Antwon mentioned his passing skills. I think we’ll be a better traditional inside-out team because of it. Curt is already good at it. Some of my favorite sequences last year were when Mitch or Brendan fed Withers IN THE POST, he got doubled or couldn’t get it going, and then fired out to the wing for the open three. We might not have the same kind of three point shooting that we had the last 8 years, but I think we’ll have more open threes this year. We also got guys willing to through it out there to them.

Could this be the year we actually play inside-out basketball? Please say it is so.

Awesome article, I’m buying a paper or two on the way home. Thanks Jena and Mike!!!