Anybody ever been to Charleston?

My wife and I’s anniversary is coming up and she wants to go to Charleston? Never been but I heard its a nice town.

I’m not very excited about the whole situation, much rather go somewhere else, but she will be 8 months pregnant so we cant go to far.

Anyway…what is there to do down there? Any suggestions…good places to eat…shows to see? I gotta get excited about this trip soomehow!!!

it is a nice town, i wouldnt take an 8 months pregnant woman there in the summer though. I went last july and it was miserably hot. The cooper river bridge is amazing. There are plenty of places to eat, josephines kitchen, i think is the name of it was the best place i went, we even went twice.

Charleston isn’t that bad… good food, good bars, and plenty of stuff to see. You’ll have a good time.


I told her it would be hot…she doesnt seem to care…however.


I told her it would be hot…she doesnt seem to care…however.[/QUOTE]

She’s gonna be pissed at a lot of things around that time. Just wait! :biggrin:

its called jestines kitchen, and it is amazing. Joseph’s is an awesome place for breakfast. You will gain 10 lbs easy.

My wife and I went for the day about 2 weeks ago. It was not enough time to give you any solid info but for what it’s worth, here is a website we used to see what was going on:


Hope that helps.

i’m going in july please do tell of all the interesting stuff to down there and if stuff is handicap accessible. haha. thats pathetic i know i’m going to be an official gimp in 2 days.

i’ve heard its one of the most beautiful of the southern port cities. its got a lot of history. so you might want to go see the harbor and other historical sites like that.

My wife and I have been there a few times. The heat is tough on the Pregos, but you can always take the Carriage rides downtown. Plenty of great restaurants…my fav is “Sticky Fingers” for good Q and"Tom Condon’s" for Irish fare. We stay a place that is a little pricy, but self-contained called “Wild Dunes Resort” in Isle of Palms (20 min. from Ctown). It has three restaurants on the com pound, biking and golf and features a Steel Drum/reggae band at the Pool with food & bevs for non-Pregs. The shops at Meeting street are cool along with the tours of the old homes. Have fun if you go!