Anyone bought prescription glasses online?

Anyone purchase Rx glasses online before? I’m in need of glasses and looking at all options.



Have had 2 great experiences with Zenni so far.

I did not like the warby parker online experience. I’ve never done zenni. I generally like to try them on my head in person if I’m honest.

If you can bring yourself to wear contacts, it’s soooooooo much better than buying glasses IMO. Wal-Mart in Concord does a deal in which if you purchase any amount of contacts, you get 50% off frames. They carry ray-ban frames.

I like to try them on first too, but not for twice the price.

clt recommends framebridge

Another vote for Zenni. I bought a pair for $35 as a backup and to try a different style. My wife and son have each bought multiple pair from them as well and all have been great.

I also used Zenni, Uploaded my picture and " tried them on" like that. Doesn’t really show much. Make sure you get pupil to pupil distance. I bought two complete pairs for like $30 so if they that was two years ago currently still wearing them.

I have never heard of buying glasses online. I checked out Zenni and I think that I will get mine from there. Thanks guys!

Let me know how it goes. I ended up buying from local brick and mortar so I could try on in person. My first pair of Rx glasses and didn’t want to screw it up.

I keep meaning to stop by the Warby Parker store. Also, get contacts. They are worry free with short term disposables. I don’t even take mine out at night. Just wear for a couple weeks, toss em out before bed, and put a new pair in the next morning. You’ll get Iver the touching your eye thing and they are much more versatile than glasses.