Anyone have an extra of these

I have a motivate buyer! I have one but he doesn’t. If you have an extra or will sell yours let me know.

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Donated mine.

How many of these where made?

These were made in Bessemer City. Not sure how many were made. A friend of mine, who has unfortunately passed away, did the books for the gentlemen who ran this shop. He told me when I found my two at the Metrolina Fairgrounds Flea Market (now closed) that this small company also made one for UNC, State and Duke. I have seen a few around Charlotte hanging in shops, offices, barber shops, etc., but none lately…

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clt says we need to scan and recreate using additive manufacturing.

I’ve got one and will not be parting ways with it. I think my Mom bought it for me way back at a yard sale or something, but it’s in perfect condition.

I bought one in the UNCC bookstore in 1982, they had two left at the time.