App State @ Charlotte 12/11 5:00PM ESPNU

No spread on this one yet.

There will be approximately a 30 minute overlap between this game and our football game @Marshall on Friday.

Niners struggled to score in the first half last season, falling behind 30-17 at half en route to a 55-64 loss.

App opened the season beating the SC State team we just faced 81-61. Since then, they lost by 2 to Bowling Green in OT, and beat two non D1 opponents.

Former 49er recruiting target Donavon Gregory is averaging 11.5 / 3.8 / 2.3 per game. Kendall Lewis and Adrian Delph are amongst other offensive leaders with very similar stats to Gregory.

Payback time.

ESPNU - Nice chance for us to show something on National TV.

The game last year at app - I’ve never seen us miss that many open shots in person. All over the court good open looks that didn’t drop. This should be an easy W but we are Niners not much comes easy.

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If this thread were about football you know BigDave13 and McLeansvilleAppFan would have been here for a week talking smack, but it is about basketball and they are likely cheering on their Heels, or still trying to figure out what Appy is when they only finish 3rd in their conference. I guess we will not see them at all unless we pull a Niner again this year, then you can count on them showing up.


clt says the appys are too busy reading about dem heels and posting about us on the cusa chat page



Nice. Bit of trivia here. When we first wore gold unis we played Bradley at home (now Bojangles Coliseum) on ESPN. We were beaten pretty badly by Bradley led by the great Hersey Hawkins. He played for the Hornets in 93. Anyway, looking forward to seeing us in gold again, but couldn’t forget that first time. Later we had some great games in the gold led by Henry Williams and later Byron Dinkins.


Then gold that shimmered was my fav

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Twenty-four years ago we opened Halton Arena against App State, and they were scheduled because of the certainty that we would start off our record in the building with a win. I have a photo on the wall behind me taken from the top corner of the arena, and it is packed. Today the win is no longer a certainty, and even without Covid it would not be packed. Bring us back to the promised land Coach Sanchez!

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I had 4 season tickets at the time…me, my dad (passed away in 2001), my B-I-L and a buddie were there. I remember being a little aggravated because we didn’t win by nearly as much as we should have. Otherwise, a great memory for me.

I remember that game. We were being trounced and I left early. On the way out I could still hear repeatedly the PA guy announcing “Bradley basket by Hersey Hawkins”. Don’t know how many he scored that night but it had to be at least in the 30s.


Bradley won 98-82 with Hawkins literally scoring half of the Braves’ points.

The Bradley game was right before we return to campus to start the spring semester. I drove back to campus from Asheville to watch the game. I think Hawkins had 55 if I am not mistaken, but could be wrong. He was hitting shots with two guys in his face. I do not think I have ever seen anyone shoot as well as he did that game.

He had 49, which is half of 98 :wink:

He was held to 7 points in the first half.

It snowed like crazy that day. Despite many roads being impassable, the Coliseum was packed. The game was televised on ESPN.

The sold out arena was seen as a positive omen for the Hornets, who would debut in November of 1988.