Appalachian State dropping numerous sports

Appalachian State is dropping men’s soccer,tennis,and track and field from their program.

we don’t need this thread. We all know. if we aren’t careful were going to get appy wol fart up in this piece .


my school would never

App has the same issues being in the Sun Belt as we have with the travel to Texas and Arkansas for all sports, plus they do not have an airport near campus so they have to drive to Winston or Johnson City to fly out. I think the football team may go to Hickory for the charter flight. I think the Sun Belt/CUSA merger only makes sense with schools having to save money and cut expenses. If we have App and Coastal that would mean a sell out at both schools when we play them in football and a nice crowd for basketball as well.


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App does fly out of Hickory for charters.

I’ll make this Niner related.
There were only 6 Sun Belt soccer teams. Now there are five (the Georgia’s Coastal and affiliate members Howard and Central Arkansas).

I’d have no huge issue with grabbing Coastal or either the Georgia twins if it came to making them associate members in men’s soccer.

Also, add soccer as another sport where we hold more titles than App in the belt.

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