Arcade Tournament

Just as a FYI, you can set up tournaments for any game in the Arcade and up to 8 people can participate in the tournament. Pretty cool feature if anyone is interested.

Maybe we can add some additional games as well.

I just added a basketball shooting game so don’t everyone demolish my high score at once. :wacko:

how does it work jcl?

anyone up for a curveball tournament?

I haven’t tried it logging in as a non-Admin user yet but I think anyone can create a tournament. You should be able to go to the Arcade and click on the tournament link. From there, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

If you don’t see the option to do so, just let me know and I can create any tournament suggested.

the only link i can click is ‘View All Tournaments’ I don’t see an option to create a tournament, so i guess you have to be an admin to start one.

i wouldn’t mind doing a pac man or curveball tourney.

Just round up some people who want to play and I’ll create it. I think it allows for up to 8 players per tournament. You can create a thread here to make an official sign-in sheet for each game you want to have a tournament for.

so everyone has to be logged on at the same time to participate in the tournament?