Aresco announcing retirement as AAC Commish / Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti announced as replacement

Ouch. This hurts. I hope we find a good replacement.

I really like Gloria Nevarez, the Mountain West commissioner. She may be more geographically advantaged on the West Coast with her time in the PAC12 and MWC, but she came off really well in interviews I listened to during all the realignment craziness.

I have no idea who else we might look at.

Felt confident with Aresco. Not a great time to be changing leadership. Hope we can fill this with someone with clout and vision.



Hopefully his replacement has vision and determination not a wet dish rag “yes person”.

I wonder if Aresco said enough is enough and the odds keep stacking against the G5. In his mind the writing is probably pretyy obvious on the wall.

Need someone with ties to networks / ESPN and how they operate.

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Aresco was this league. I am very nervous about replacing him. Scared we are going to get another Judy when we need another Aresco or Yormack.


clt says there is only one man for this job

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This hire will be big for defining Charlotte’s future. Hope it it a hit.

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clt says Oliver Luck was suggested on the AAC chat page.

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That’s not a bad suggestion at all.

I don’t care for the last rites / writing the league off tone of those comments.

I knew this was imminent, but it still sucks none the less.

Aresco looks like a genius when yiu evaluate the current standings, not to mention the excitement of programs on the rise - especially Charlotte. Big city brands. And, he knows we will flourish after being promoted to P6 - now P5 after the PAC10 disbanded.

Genius! Now, we just need a great commissioner hire which will make Aresco a legend as we continue to prosper.

I hope Aresco will help in an advisory role. I’m confident he will.

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If he’s the AD that got that dumpster fire of an athletic department into the big 10 he might be a great hire lol

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