Aresco on "P5" and "G5" labels

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I agree with this in theory. The Expanded CFP calls for auto bids to the champions of the “top 6” conferences. It doesn’t specify by naming them. So, long term, it could be any 6 conferences. A kind of mini relegation system.

Yes, it won’t happen overnight, and the money factor is real, but it won’t stop some upstart league from snagging a bid.

Also, as I pointed out in the realignment thread, if the PAC12 implodes or essentially merges with the MWC, that basically opens up another of those 6 bids.

I’m excited about what that could bring in the future. Poggi’s “AAC should be in the playoff every year” prediction would actually have some legs.


I think it’s possible that Aresco may be making this statement based more on information he is privy to about the overall shakedown of all conference negotiations. (Just a hunch.)

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My speculation was wrong. Here is the reason for Aresco’s statement.