Asheville paper: Pisgah alum breaks Charlotte record, earns two honors

Nice article on one of our boys!

As a side note, the writer, Tyler Goode, wrote an article back in November about the Charlotte women’s soccer team. He referred to the team as UNC Charlotte in the article. I wrote to him in November about it, and he said thanks for bringing it to his attention. Looks like it worked.

It’s a rag in the highest order- but they support the locals.

Funny thing- they are a lot more of a regional paper than the friggin O. They pretty much service all of WNC. The idiots at the O think they can cover the ACC and all is well.

IMO- papers like the ACT will survive while the O goes to the waste basket. I can read the Raleigh paper and get ACC news or go onliine.

WSJ will do Wake, the other 3 will come from Raleigh and the O will be online- Congrats.

Good luck with your blogs.

[QUOTE=hootie;393663]It’s a rag in the highest order- but they support the locals.


ACT can’t support locals and be a rag on the highest order…that spot is reserved for the Observer product, printed in Charlotte NC.

Do I even need to comment? One of my friends in marketing tells me hometown news is always a sure thing when it comes to public appeal. That’s why MOST newspapers adopt that philosophy.

I don’t know if the O mentioned our baseball team’s 10 game winning streak that was broken yesterday. I know the Winston paper has PRINTED articles on about every Wake baseball game (at least, they used to… maybe things changed this year). The hometown folks read the story, become interested, and read more stories.