Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance

Job posting has been up a week. Hill is getting the organization staffed correctly.

I am going to apply for this job, and I assure you we will not have to worry about player eligibility again.

If there is a “grey” area, we will have 50 shades of it.

Just win baby. :sunglasses:

We already have a senior assoc dir for compliance and an asst dir for compliance. It’s not clear if this posting replaces or supplements the existing asst dir.

Perhaps there is some turnover in the offings?

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Does it say “the family need not apply”?

clt says lutz would be a great option

Is this a new position or someone leaving?

I don’t believe this is a new position.

If a resume comes in from someone working at UNC-CH do you throw it away, or hire them immediately?

clt says you hire the CHeat attorneys