ASU Walker College of Business competes against UNCC Belk College of Business

Members from ASU Undergraduate Bowden Investment group took on Graduate school (and some Undergraduate members) of Belk College of Business, and Babcock (WFU) Kenan-Flagler (UNC), Fuqua (Duke) last weekend in a competition held by the Charter Financial Analysts.


Buddy of mine was on the ASU team, and the reason Iā€™m posting this (besides gloating :wink: ) is that he said the representatives from Belk were outstanding agents of your University and if they were representative of the University and the College of Business as a whole than good job! He also said that the Belk students were easily the most personable, and most of the UNC students were ass-holes and really put their University in a negative light.

Next up for the ASU students is the national competition in NYC in March.