At the start of the season....

Do you take 9-2 OOC record if someone gives it to you before the season starts?

I predicted 9-2. I just thought the losses would be to Indiana and Valpo.

Given the weakness of the OOC schedule, 9-2 is the worst possible record with any hope of an at-large bid. Any other loss would have been very, very bad.

With that said, this team has lost two games by a total of mere points. I think some of the concern here is two-fold. First, this “special” team has been lackluster in many performances against teams with less talent. Second, the style of play given the inside talent on this team is troublesome. Relying on the 3 when we had no inside presence was one thing, but this team takes bad shots on the offensive end.

Any other year, 9-2 would be an accomplishment. While it is a solid start, I remain cautiously optimistic.

Yep. What he said.

And we still have to beat a team with a winning record. Right now, we’re not an NCAA team, I dont think. We’ve gotta come up big in some big games. I think we will.