Athletics hiring a media position


Wouldn’t hurt to have consistent online content.


A young guy I know that’s several years older than my eldest daughter went to AL Brown then App State…got involved in working with the media team for App St football ever since (photography/videos/social media/recruiting media & marketing) and has been handling a lot of the AL Brown athletics social media/videos/promos/etc over the years. I got to know him well as he was doing work at AL Brown and some freelance work at Catawba when my eldest was playing softball at both. From his experience at App St, he was actually hired 2 years ago by the University of Cincinnati to do creative media work for their football program. After he packed up and moved to Cincy, he was only there a month or so before Covid hit and he was Covid downsized and moved back here.

He’s since been doing freelance work again with App St, Catawba and AL Brown as well as the Cannonballers and maybe others. He let me know he saw this and may pursue it…I am excited. He is amazing…and if not for Covid, would be currently working in creative media for the #3 football program in the country.


Are you an AL Brown grad as well? I’m c/o ‘05 and didn’t realize there were many Kannapolis guys on this board.

I know the guy you’re talking about through my younger brother. He does good work and hopefully applied for the position.

I’m class of ‘91

Small world! Kannapolis has changed a whole lot over the years. I moved away after college but my family is still there. Go to a game every now and then.