Atlantic 10 women's soccer

Richmond defeats Rhode Island, 1-0, to earn the final spot in the Atlantic 10 Championships next weekend at Transamerica Field.

[B][U]Atlantic 10 Women’s Soccer Final Standings[/U]
[COLOR=Green]Charlotte, 28 points, 9-1-1 conference, 14-4-1 overall[/COLOR]
Duquesne, 24 points, 8-3-0 conference, 11-6-0 overall
Fordham, 24 points, 7-1-3 conference, 10-4-4 overall
Saint Louis, 23 points, 7-2-2 conference, 10-5-2 overall
Dayton, 21 points, 6-2-3 conference, 12-4-3 overall
Richmond, 19 points, 6-4-1 conference, 7-11-2 overall[/B]
Rhode Island, 19 points, 6-4-1 conference, 12-6-2 overall
La Salle, 15 points, 5-6-0 conference, 11-9-0 overall
Massachusetts, 13 points, 4-6-1 conference, 9-6-2 overall
George Washington, 10 points, 3-7-1 conference, 8-9-1 overall
Xavier, 10 points, 3-7-1 conference, 4-14-1 overall
Saint Bonaventure, 7 points, 2-8-1 conference, 5-12-2 overall
Temple, 5 points, 1-8-2 conference, 5-10-4 overall
Saint Joseph’s, 4 points, 1-9-1 conference, 3-15-1 overall

[B][U]Atlantic 10 Women’s Soccer Championships, Transamerica Field, Charlotte, NC[/U][/B]
[B][I]Quarter-finals, Thursday, November 8[/I][/B]
Game 1: #3 Duquesne (8-3-0, 11-6-0) vs #6 Richmond (6-4-1, 7-11-2), 5:30
Game 2: #4 Saint Louis (7-2-2, 10-5-2) vs #5 Dayton (6-2-3, 12-4-3), 8:00
[B][I]Semi-finals, Friday, November 9[/I][/B]
Game 3: [B][COLOR=Green]#1 Charlotte (9-1-1, 14-4-1)[/COLOR][/B] vs Lowest Remaining Seed, 5:30
Game 4: #2 Fordham (7-1-3, 10-4-4) vs Highest Remaining Seed, 8:00
[B][I]Championship, Sunday, November 11[/I][/B]
Game 5: Game 3 vs Game 4 winners, 1:00


[QUOTE]49er Friends,

This Friday, November 9, we open the 2007-08 season against High Point at 7:30pm in Halton Arena. I hope you have made plans to attend the game and support our team. We’re ready and are looking forward to playing in front of a large crowd on our home court. Also this week, the Charlotte 49ers play host to the 2007 Atlantic 10 Women’s Soccer Tournament. Games get underway Thursday and the #1 seeded Niners take to the field on Friday at 5:30pm vs. the lowest remaining seed from Thursday’s matches. I encourage you to come to campus early and catch the women’s soccer team in action at Transamerica Field before heading up to Halton for the men’s basketball game. This marks the second straight year that women’s soccer has captured the A-10 regular-season title. Winners of Friday’s matches garner a spot in the tournament finals on Sunday at 1pm. The tournament champion receives an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. Tickets for the conference tournament can be purchased at the gate. Come early, get a good parking spot and catch both the women’s soccer and men’s basketball teams in action. It’s a great time to be a 49er – we’re ALL IN, are you?

– Bobby Lutz[/QUOTE]