Attn Football Activists

I placed this in another thread debating the feasibility of adding football but I wanted it to have it’s own topic. I still don’t think adding football is feasible but I applaud those of you that care enough about being a Niner to try.

Anyway…here you go…

You know what?

I simply think that there are too many questions that have yet to be answered in the form of money and support to discuss adding football right now.

I hate the apathy of our alumni/students/community that puts us in this situation.

BUT…though I think your efforts are futile…I do actually applaud them. Because at least you care. We need more students/alumni that care and have Pride about being a Niner.

Go drum up more support. Get more people involved. Do ANYTHING you can to kick our apathy in the ass and get Niner Pride up and rolling.

If that means a Football push…then go to it. But I think your goal shouldn’t be Football first, it should be getting people motivated and Proud to be a Niner first…so they will be WILLING to donate more and show more support in other areas (such as football).

Go for it. I’ll support you because you have pride in being a Niner and you care. We don’t have many right now that have either and I don’t want to discourage the few we have. Go infect more people with your Niner Pride and maybe one day we will have football AND a supportive fanbase as well.

KTown, I think football is feasible.

Is today the designated day to bump old football threads. This is not the only one bumped. SCK bumped the Pole Vault thread too. He wins.