ATTN: Plav & Baldwin Bashers....


Plav looked GREAT. Took open smart shots and hit nearly all of them. MUCH quicker than last year and plays harder than anyone else on the floor.

Baldwin didn’t have a chance to run many plays in a set offense (because of the press Pfeiffer used) but man has he learned to use his quickness AND stay in control.

Both are PERFECT for this team. They will both have bad games this year BUT they are MUCH improved and should have EVERYONE’s repect this year!

If you don’t like them…get over it.

If you don’t think they can play…get a clue.

I think it’s a little early to say something like that. I loved both their games tonight, but I’m not ready to say Plav will play that way all season, and I’m worried about Mitch staying healthy.

Regardless, you’d have to look really hard to find anything wrong with either’s overall game.

dude, they played pfeiffer. You can’t tell anything from the game tonight. I love both players but don’t back up their games by their performance tonight.