Audio for the game?

Anyone know if theres any net broadcast for this game. I don’t see a link anywhere on yahoo…

noticed this myself. a little perturbed, especially since I paid for the broadcast package and I’m noticing several blanks by a lot of games… If memory serves, I don’t think there was a single game last year that wasn’t broadcast. could offer a possible solution…see the link at the bottom of the page “create your own broadcast” :naughty:

Already tried WFNZ website with no luck…

no audio, what is up ???

finally got WFNZ to work, but it’s not the game on.

Davidson no audio either!

let us know if you get the audio to work. has the gametracker on, you can follow the score and text play by play.

you can go to portlands web site and hear the game…for free.

How do i get there?

Awesome, thanks!

It would be too easy for our athletic department to do that huh???

they did it last year…sucks they are charging for it now

the charlotte link is on this page for the portland game under last 5 games

that wasn’t there earlier…they must of just posted it

nice elevator music during the breaks on the Portland broadcast.

Far more pleasant than the 33% FG shooting between the breaks.

See the thread titled yahoo problems.