Austin Duke to XFL

Dairy Queen? I hope he was managing since I’m pretty sure he graduated.

I hope he makes the team and gets playing time.

I feel like that Dairy queen line is troll job from one of his friends or something. :joy:

Probably written by that dude Duke punked on twitter.


Duke and NY Guardians open season today on Fox. Austin listed as starter on depth chart.

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Had a good return on opening kickoff…but didn’t get very many snaps on opening drive. His backup on the depth chart Joe Horn had 3 targets and 1 catch. Not sure why Horn played over him so much on the opening drive

Duke returned a punt but didn’t see field next drive. Horn continues to play ahead of him.

Guess the depth chart doesn’t mean much.

In the xfl the depth chart is reversed

Austin only returning punts so far.

Looks like Duke was the leading receiver today for NY with 4 catches and a TD.


they got thumped!