Austin Knight named 1st team All American


Wow that’s big time.


First one since Collie?

Had some lumps at the plate last night, definitely looked like an all-American in the field. The snag on hot shot to save a run was big at the time

I think by lumps you mean literally, dude got drilled twice! That one on his head was crazy.

Oh yeah, I meant literally! Only way to avoid the barrel is the put it between the shoulder blades apparently lol.

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One pitching problem might be trying to hit corners on most pitches ( they watch too much mlb) . Obviously they’re not too good at it. Maybe they should try to throw down the middle (I’m sure a lot of those would be on the corners) because they sure can’t hit what they’re aiming at lol

He will play for the Yankees

For a baseball team full of legit MVP candidates, Austin Knight is the clear choice for THE 9ATC MVP

Please vote for Austin:


Once again in 2021, the college baseball fans around the country will have a vote. Fan voting for the semifinalists begin now through June 15th. Fans can vote, up to 25 times per day, online by clicking HERE.

And A reminder to VOTE for Austin!!!


bump for STEM!!!


That’s uber cool.

I can’t tell, is this going to be a real truck running in the race, or a die cast model that was made up? Or both?

clt says that is e racing, becoming a big deal

Why 25 times? Click bait!