Aviation School? ✈️

There is a huge pilot shortage in the United States. American Airlines has a large hub in Charlotte. Why not pursue an aviation school? Purdue, Ohio State, and Marshall and others have aviation programs. There are many airports nearby like Concord Regional Airport. Maybe an aviation school is something Charlotte should consider.


Not a bad idea.

I like it!!! Goes well with our NASCAR program!

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This is a great idea and fits with the fact of our airport situation.

I honestly had no idea you had to have a degree to be a pilot however. I just figured you either came from the military or worked your way up after going to a for profit flight school.

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My son would love it if we started a program like this. He wants to be a pilot.

You don’t have to have a degree to be a pilot. It’s all about certification and hours.


I think the university should consider a journalism school then maybe these graduates could improve our image in the area and state. We would have a few advocates for our sports programs. There are a number of app st graduates doing sports journalism in the region.