Baketball's Elite Resides in Mecklenburg

Davidson is on the verge of cracking the rpi top 50. How many other counties in the nation have 2 teams in or close to the top 50? I’m sure it has happened before in Cincy, Philliy, Chicago, & LA; but this is just not a common that happens very often.

I am positive the great residents of Mecklenburg County would love to know they have some of the nation’s best basketball being played in their own backyard. It’s a crying shame they’ll probably never know.

MP, I am not being critical. I am trying to help you sell some newspapers.

:popcorn: Over40, I’ll get a you copy of the Greensboro News & Record or the Winston-Salem Journal when the story is written.


I think the Gaston Gazette would make you a happy Niner if you are willing to drive a few miles.

I think Mecklenburg County residents would prefer to read it in their own newspaper.


You meant to tell me the disturber is located in Mecklenburg county? All this time I thought the UNC-Ch owns it and it locates in Wake county or something. :rolleyes: I do learn new things by folowing your post everyday. Again thank you for enlightened me.

[i]Originally posted by Niner89[/i]@Feb 20 2005, 11:55 PM [b] You mean to tell me the disturber is located in Mecklenburg county? [/b]
89, it's a little complicated. The Observer is located in Mecklenburg County, but the sports section is a subsidiary headquartered out of Orange County, NC.


Again, I am in debt to you for the knowledge that you provide daily. This is where my thought went wild once more before all of the explanations. All this time the way the Niners got treated as the filler stories. I could not help myself but thinking the other Orange county responsible for covering our stories. (which is catching a tan before work at six in the morning and down a few bottles of . . . sun tan lotion is legal). B) The part that still need works is how the Long Beach 49ers and us will have to contact one another to sort things out. This started to give me a headache. I think I will need to take a beer or . . . twelve and lay down or something. But, thanks again for helping me with the history of the Orange counties. Happy El Presidente day to all ! ! !. [SIZE=4]Go Niners ! ! ![/SIZE] Skin the tigre ! ! !