Basden POG

Is there no question Basden is the POG and player of the year for us???

Big time player one of the few for us that does not played scared.

no question in my mind that he is POY for us and definitely candidate for POY in the conference

As I said in another thread, he is quickly becoming my favorite Niner of all time. We might be 9-7 and hoping for a NIT bid without him this year.

Moss2k has it right…Eddie has to be in serious contention for C-USA POY.


It warms my heart to see Niner Nation come around on Eddie. It’s nice not having to start an Eddie Basden thread after every game.

We have always been behind Basden he does not have the most talent, but the most HEART

He’s the heart and soul of this team!!

[i]Originally posted by sf49er[/i]@Jan 22 2005, 05:51 PM [b] We have always been behind Basden he does not have the most talent, but the most HEART [/b]
Okay, I remember how behind Eddie we all were when a large portion of the board thought VG should start over Eddie.

What exactly does not the most talent mean anyway? Who is more talented on the team, save Curt? Oh, that’s right, Iti is more talented.

Heck, I’m not even sure Curt is more talented. He doesn’t even rebound better than Eddie.

He has stepped up and is playing like a definate leader on the floor. Conferance POY? Who else would get it? He is definately out MVP. I agree without him 9-7 at best.

Fransisco Garcia would get it, and probably will.

Diener is going to get some votes.

Curt will probably get some votes.

Maxiell too.

Basden is definately the heart on the team. We fell behind and he took us on his back and carried. Baldwin means so much, I wasn’t his biggest fan, but we’re a different team when he’s not in there.

Curtis is as good as any 4 in the land when he wants to be, I guess the key is getting him ready to play. Plavich, I like him, some on don’t. He’s never going to be a stopper on D, hell everybody knows that. But, the sonofagun ahoots and hits some big buckets and ain’t afraid to take them. Got to FTs BP, com’on dude.

Iti is not very good, but he’s flashes some ability.

Your right…Eddie carried the team on his back when we were down by 4. Curtis showed more heart than any time this year.He’s still not hitting from the outside but he really battled inside. Plavich…is Plavich…he hits some big 3’s…and takes some wild ones too.His defense isn’t much,but today was the first time all year I saw him actually drive the lane…and shoot. If he does that a little more they’ll have to play off him a bit more.Lee looked a lot more poised than vs. cinci…i’m sure the fact that Mitchell was back and lee didn’t have to run the team made all the difference.Drayton wasn’t great,but at least he was trying to hit the boards…he didn’t back down and got a tough tieup late in the game…unfortunately when “the evaporator” is in the game,it puts more pressure on the other guys …even the tv color man saw it…he said martin needs to play like a 7 footer…he’s playing small and not using his body…well…gonna enjoy this 1,TCU coming in is a very dangerous game…after a big win…