Baseball Question - Any experts/dads out there?

I just bought my son this bag: ( for his birthday. I’ve never seen anything like this, when I was a kid we just had those big floppy things. He loves this thing so much he is using it as his school backpack too. Is this the normal thing nowadays? It seems like theres plenty of room. I just hope he doesn’t become a catcher! Any advice on this matter helps. Thanks!

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not sure what advice you are looking for. I’ve seen these in little leagues. They have tennis bags like that to. backpacks are easier to carry but I don’t like the handles sticking out. I’d rather the items be all zipped up in a bag.

Those backpack packs are the norm these days for non catchers. There is enough room in there for helmet/cleats/glove.

Catchers have their own bag that has wheels that holds everything.

College kids are even using those now a days. I teach science and coach baseball. All the kids have them. He’s gonna really like it.

Yeah my little cousin plays travel softball for RoCo and she has one of those. All of her stuff fits in there.

clt says when clt played baseball, you would stick the glove on the end of your bat and go.

Nugget asks if that is a euphemism for something else?

Nugget asks if that is a euphemism for something else?[/quote]

clt says more of a circumlocution.

a nice gift for your son.

a nice gift for your son.

Keep your kid the hell away from travel sports would be my advice.

Hit the ball hard as it crosses over the plate, preferably away from the other team or over the distant fence.

ghost of clt recommends lots of gear. The most expensively gear.

There’s no crying in baseball

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