Baseball Week 8- at FIU

The Niners are 18-9 and 7-1 in C-USA play. RPI is at 27.

We travel to FIU for another 4 conference games this weekend. FIU is 12-14 and 4-4 in C-USA. They lost 3 of 4 at ODU and , won 3 of 4 vs WKU.

Tale of the Tape in CUSA Stats

  • ERA: FIU 10th (6.58), CLT 5th (4.36)
  • BATTING AVERAGE: FIU 6th (.270), CLT 2nd (.297)
  • FIELDING %: FIU 12th (.955), CLT 1st (.984)

Doesn’t look like there will be TV this weekend according to their schedule. :man_shrugging: :exploding_head:

We will be able to listen to our broadcast though. The last time we went down there I believe they had Sean sitting out in the stands calling the game. At least I think that was FIU.


No video coverage? :exploding_head:
We really need to get into another conference.


Every time I look at espn+’s baseball ncaa scheduling , almost every carolina’s teams are being video broadcast . Some body please explain this to me!!!

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C-USA does not have a deal in place with ESPN but they do have one with Sidearm Sports.

The Florida games are on conference USA TV

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Yea it’s really on the conference, I’d mandate two cameras and every baseball game to be televised. If a team doesn’t want to do that they can leave and join the Belt.

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hky is right. Is does look like there might be video for Friday and Sunday.

Agree that this is on the conference. There need to be standards for the broadcasts and we all need to step our games up. It seems like everyone would be interested in having their product seen.

its 2021 and I can stream high school sports online, but somehow we can’t get a stream to watch of Divison 1 sports

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I like having the games on video. I can turn the sound off and on, which I can’t do at the stadium, uh huh.

LOL. Paul hasn’t been a regular in several years. He was at the game in Kannapolis though. Don’t you miss the walk up music? I know how much you’ve enjoyed that over the years. :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Just going to leave this here. Spectrum Charlotte schedule channel 388 acc network does not have the tar hole game scheduled for Tuesday. It has auburn and ga tech.

For all you Yankee fans, Joe Girardis kid plays third for FIU, and Orlando Hernandez son is a pitcher there.

Also CUSATV sucks butts.

Raul Ibanez’s son plays for FIU too. Stocked full of Yankees kids.

FIU on ACC Network right now playing Miami.

The whole TV situation really bugs me because so many people across the country have a ESPN+ subscription ($5/ month) and scroll through the games looking for some college baseball to watch. I’m one of those people.

Not many casual fans are going to be paying $11 a month to casually watch CUSATV games. Parents and die hards will ( I am one of those people too), but no where near as many folks that can see the ESPN+ games. C-USA desperately needs to do whatever it takes to get on the ESPN app. Seems like we were having this conversation about basketball several years ago.

A couple of Field of 64 projections came out today.

D1 Baseball has us as a #2 seed in the Greenville, NC Regional.

Baseball America has us as a #3 seed in the Columbia, SC Regional.


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A win against ECU and another win against WCU might have made a world of difference. Although, 6 of our 9 losses have come against top 25 teams.

Just for reference, here is where we have finished in RPI over the years. We are currently 28th.

2006 126 A-10
2007 40 A-10
2008 54 A-10
2009 154 A-10
2010 81 A-10
2011 70 A-10
2012 205 A-10
2013 120 A-10
2014 169 C-USA
2015 155 C-USA
2016 158 C-USA
2017 57 C-USA
2018 80 C-USA
2019 216 C-USA

This is a relatively young team too right?