BBQ debate

I hear Diboll is the Mosquito Capital of Texas.

So you Texas folks, is Terry Black’s as good as it looks in some videos?

I honestly thought Black’s was TRASH! I would never go back.
Just gross.
Lockhart is definitely NOT the BBQ Capital.

Too many other good ones.

Franklins is really really good, really basic.
Snows is good.
Eaker is good here in Fredericksburg.
I used to love Salt Lick, but it’s gone downhill…Been going there for 23 years, but the last 3 have been the worst…

County Line is nasty. (In Austin is is like Pepsi or Coke: County Line or Salt Lick)
I’m not a beef rib fan either.

nice part is lots of rubs and sauces are available in HEB (Grocery store)
I use the Salk Lick dry rub on my Pork Butt and Brisket.
Elgin Sausage is really good and you can get

That’s a strange list. I’ve lived in New Orleans for 9 years, there are some ok BBQ places, but there is no such thing as New Orleans BBQ. New Orleans has amazing food, but slow smoking meat is an imported idea. There is great boudin and other sausage, but that’s a different category for me. “New Orleans’ BBQ Shrimp” is also delicious, but it isn’t BBQ, just borrowed the name.


food porn dessert GIF

Tyro Methodist Men. Real wood fired, low and slow.


Thanks for posting this right at lunch time. :grin:

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clt can smell that thru the pic.

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Two of the most underrated badasses of history. The Peasant Prince (Kosciusko) is one of the greatest books I’ve ever read.

I’ve been to New Orleans many times and had no idea they had their own style of BBQ. I love what they do with boudin and andouille though.

My vote has to go to the mustard based sauces around where I live, but if I had to vote on NC I’d clearly go with eastern style. My roommate in college was from Greensboro and swore by Lexington BBQ but it just tastes too much like ketchup to me. I like prefer that vinegar bite.

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I’ve had a lot of bbq where there is no smoke taste at all. If there’s no smokiness or bark, they shouldn’t be able to call it bbq. Call it braising or baking. And get that crock pot and liquid smoke outta here!

clt says liquid smoke should be banned in the usa

The Peasant Prince (Kosciusko) is a great book. That dude was amazing. He loved beautiful women and coffee! Almost all his writing included some reference to one or the other. He got shafted during the Revolution and after. He countered the commands of General Gates when positioning the American army at Saratoga, which won the battle along with Daniel Morgan. Gates and Arnold fought to take credit for the victory when it was Kosciusko and Morgan who deserved it, but got none. I could go on and on about those heroes and Pulaski, which would eventually offend some people who believe all the history we have been led to believe.

Like, did George Washington try to lose the war at times and was he complicit with Traitor Arnold? Maybe. And, all the places named after Nathanael Greene, well he was a scoundrel, a murderer, a thief and very likely tried to lose the war here, but instead gets credit for the victories of Morgan, Marion, Sumpter a few guy’s almost nobody knows about…

BBQ. Yum

Uppping my “smoke” game. Just ordered my Yoder YS640s smoker.

Tons of research and narrowed it down between that and the Yaeger Timerbline 1300.

What do y’all use?

I see a lot of smoked meat in our future!!

Damn that’s a smoker on steroids. Residential richness.

I have a Masterbuilt electric I’ve had for 7+ years but hope to get a pellet soon

clt says a masterbuilt electric is a cheat code.

Good looking smoker. Heavy duty

went with the USA-built “TANK” option. Thicker steel for better temperature retention. We’re at 2200 ft elevation and always a breeze, so it’s going to be exposed to some wind. Trying to keep in the goodness of heat/smoke moreso than the thinner walled, Traeger (made in China).

We had a massive hail storm back in April at our Guest House Ranch that took out all the grills across all the houses on property so insurance “replaced” them. They’re staying with some dings, and I got the upgrade :slight_smile:

  • being outside
  • it is quiet
  • excuse to drink bourbon
  • great food
  • lutz is a huge fan of brisket
  • no need to shower
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clt asks why is smoking awesome?