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Nice article in the Big O today. Thnaks Mike!!

Oak Hill star ‘serious’ about Charlotte 49ers

[i]Originally posted by The Beas[/i] [b]"I'm serious as a heart attack," he said. "When 2007 comes, I'll be in uniform in Halton Arena."[/b]

30pts. and 16 rbs. Not bad in 40 min. running clock time frame. Below is taken from a another board where a guy went to game

“Patterson won the first two peroids of the scrimmage with the first being by one point then the second 20min sessoin by 3. You heard it hear first Tywon Lawson is good (lol)! Seriously the kid is as fast as they get and really unselfish. He will flourish in Roy Williams uptempo system. Nolan Smith played well for the warriors also. For Patterson Devon Jefferson…enough said! The boy can get a bucket anyway anytime. He is a bigtime leaper and shotblocker ask Mike Beasley. Nigue Sutton started and had a nice game he is more of a roll player that does all of the small things that are overlooked by many. He played good defense and rebounded and gave a all around good effort. In the first 20min session he had 11pts. I left for the last 20min running clock peroid all of the starters were not participating.”

Very pleased to see this write-up. Beasley, the number one player in 2007 class going to Charlotte properly gets the headline and most of the story, UNC Chapel Hill commits get a small mention. :thumbsup:

Also good to see this quote:

[b]"I wanted to get on the floor," he said. "My relationship with Dalonte is important and was a big reason, but I wouldn't say I wouldn't have gone there if he wasn't there. I really like Charlotte."[/b]

This type of thing will go a long way up at Oak Hill. It will open some eyes for sure.

Thanks Mike!!!