Best Sports Cities - CUSA v. A10

Yeah, these numbers were taken from Sporting News’ subjective poll on Best Sports Cities. But I’m tired of reading about a certain 3 letter word and whether or not he really wants to be in Charlotte.

Kind of surprised that Hattiesburg ranks so much higher than Kingston, RI and Springfield, MA. :o :o

4. Houston
8. Ft. Worth
11. Chicago
14. Tampa
18. St. Louis
21. Charlotte
22. New Orleans
27. Cincinnati
29. Milwaukee
30. Memphis
49. Birmingham
72. Hattiesburg
81. Louisville
118. Greenville

3 Bronx (NYC)
9 Philadelphia (St. Joes)
9 Philadelphia (Temple)
9 Philadelphia (LaSalle)
17 Washington DC
24 Pittsburgh
27 Cincinnati
32 Buffalo (closest city on list to Olean, NY)
128 Richmond
129 Dayton
138 Kingston RI
365 Springfield, MA (closest city on list to Amhurst)

I think pittsburgh should def be higher on the list- They have some of the best fans in the world- PIT, Steelers, Pirates, Penguines

Interesting thing is that Cincy is picked as the number 1 college hoops town.

[b]Best of college basketball: Cincinnati

Cincinnati fans hate Xavier, and Xavier fans hate UC. There may be just one thing they have in common: a passion for college hoops.

They had much to love in 2004. Xavier finished 26-11 and reached the NCAA Elite Eight. Cincinnati compiled a 25-7 record that included Conference USA regular-season and tournament titles.

North Carolinians will cringe, but there is no better place for a college basketball fan to reside than Cincinnati. Six of the nation’s top 25 teams in attendance – and Xavier isn’t even one of them – are within a 150-mile drive. Off night for the Bearcats and Musketeers? Hop in the car and cruise over to see Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio State, Dayton or Louisville.

Cincinnati is one of the few major league cities where talk about college hoops is as prevalent on call-in shows as the NFL and baseball.

The Bearcats and Musketeers each played to 97 percent capacity. But there were no tickets available for the Crosstown Shootout (February 3), the rivalry game that annually matches Cincinnati and Xavier. The Muskies won by a basket in a tense contest that gave each side one more reason to hate the other – and love the game.

– Mike DeCourcy[/b]

Link: Sporting News Best Sports Cities 2004

Here’s the criteria TSN used for their poll:

[b]To be included in our rankings, a city must have at least an NCAA Division I basketball team or a Class A minor league baseball team, or it must score in select other categories upon which we base our rankings. Those other categories include being the site of a training camp for a major league or NFL team; a NASCAR Nextel Cup race; an NCAA Division I-A bowl game; a PGA Tour tournament, or a Triple Crown horse race.

Once a city meets the minimum criteria, we take a 12-month snapshot, roughly from July to July, of the sports atmosphere, putting a heavy premium on regular-season records (from the most recently completed season); playoff berths, bowl appearances and tournament bids; championships; applicable power ratings; quality of competition; overall fan fervor, as measured in part by attendance as a percentage of venue capacity; sports atmosphere and fan knowledge; abundance of teams, though we reward quality over quantity; stadium/arena quality; ticket availability and prices; franchise ownership, and marquee appeal of athletes.

Tradition plays a minimal role because this is a 12-month ranking that starts over each year. Likewise, we choose not to delve into sports about which we aren’t experts. And, yes, it’s true: We have not visited every city on this list in the past 12 months.[/b]

Link: TSN Best Sports Cities 2004 Criteria

Is Charlotte’s ranking with or without the Bobcats?

Pcon, not sure if Charlotte’s ranking includes Bobcats or not. They would certainly fit some of the criteria, e.g. adundance of teams and franchise ownership.

I would assume that Hattiesburg was ranked ahead of Kingston and Springfield due to Southern Miss’s success on the gridirion and the baseball diamond.

Back to Charlotte, we have:

College athetlics:

NCAA Division I - Charlotte 49ers!, Davidson Wildcats, and Winthrop Eagles
NCAA Division II - JC Smith Bulls and Queens Royals
Continental Tire Bowl

Professional sports:

NFL - Carolina Panthers, 2004 Superbowl runnerup
Arena Football - Carolina Cobras
NBA - Charlotte Bobcats
WNBA - Charlotte Sting
Baseball - AAA Charlotte Knights and AA Kannapolis Intimidators (Chicago White Sox)
Hockey - ECHL Charlotte Checkers (New York Rangers)
Soccer - PSL Charlotte Eagles (and W-League Lady Eagles)
Auto Racing - NASCAR Nextel Cup races @ Lowe’s
PGA - The Wachovia Championship

[b]Kind of surprised that Hattiesburg ranks so much higher than Kingston, RI and Springfield, MA. :o :o [/b]

Have you ever been to Springfield, MA? The company I work for (MassMutual Financial, I know, shameless plug!) is headquartered there. The basketball HOF is there and then the rest of the town is just one big ghetto. There is absolutely nothing there. Springfield SUCKS!

It does have one decent strip club called Mardi Gras though!

An ex-Niner coach served a stint at Springfield College. Too bad he didn’t get the job there before taking the Niners to the deepest, darkest depths of men’s hoops in Charlotte! :angry:

run, you blowin the whistle on someone?

[i]Originally posted by run49er[/i]@Aug 3 2004, 04:53 PM [b] An ex-Niner coach served a stint at Springfield College. Too bad he didn't get the job there before taking the Niners to the deepest, darkest depths of men's hoops in Charlotte! :angry: [/b]
run49er, you should be in time out for referring on this web site to the coach of the three dark years at UNCC, [url=]Hal Wissel[/url].

As much as I want to complain sometimes, thoughts of Wisselball and the colored defense cards quickly bring me back to reality.

(I still wonder what would’ve occurred had Eddie Fogler taken his first head coaching job with the 49ers.)

“Dr. Wissel is a published author of two successful coaching books Basketball: Steps to Success and Becoming a Basketball Player: Individual Drills.” :o

[i]Originally posted by HP49er[/i]@Aug 3 2004, 07:50 PM [b]coach of the three dark years at UNCC[/b]
I dont quite understand your comments about dark years. His credentials look good to me.

“He led Florida Southern to four straight trips to the NCAA Div. II Tournament, three straight trips to the Div. II Final Four in '80, '81, and '82 and the Div. II NCAA Championship in '81. Wissel was named Div. II National Coach of the Year in '80.”

[i]Originally posted by SilvioDante[/i]@Aug 3 2004, 11:36 PM [b]I dont quite understand your comments about dark years. His credentials look good to me. [/b]
Hal Wissel, UNCC, 1982-1985: 22-62 (.262 winning percentage)

1982-83: 8-20
1983-84: 9-19
1984-85: 5-23

Not to mention those stellar crowds in the old Coliseum (now Cricket Arena) that would have fit into the Grady Cole Center with room to spare!

'Nuff said! :angry:

It’s a little surprising to see Raleigh/Durham/chapel hill listed at 25. Should they not be considered as part of Charlotte? I seem to remember a certain poster telling us on numerous occasions that unc-chapel hill & dook were part of the Charlotte area. I’m trying to remember who kept making that claim. Let’s see… I think his name starts with either an M or a P.


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[b]QUOTE[/b] (run49er @ Aug 4 2004, 08:14 AM)