Big 10, Big East and the fallout

We all know the rumors by now and all the potential fallout that may come from a Big 10 raid of the Big East. What we need to examine is our place in it. Few of us last time probably said on the day that the ACC announced it was looking at Syracuse, BC and Miami; “well this is going to screw things up for us”. We KNOW better now just how far down such an expansion can affect us.

If its just 1 team from CUSA replacing 1 team from the BE, and being replaced by a WAC or SunBelt team that is clearly the best for us, RIGHT NOW.

But the Big 10, because of the Big 10 Network, is in the unique position to actually benefit in increased revenue by going beyond 12 teams (larger TV market). If the Big 10 takes 3 teams from the BE then the BE may split and/or lose its BCS automatic bid to the Mountain West. We’d still probably want to get into the BE (as it would essentually be old CUSA) but we’d lose our last chance at getting into a BCS conference.

If the Big 10 takes 5 teams from the BE then the BE will no longer exist as a football conference.

A split into football and basketball conferences is also perilious for us. Does anyone doubt the basketball schools will target Xavier, Dayton, St. Louis and St. Joes? Without X and D the A10 is no longer a multibid conference. With football to consider, not only us but UMass, Richmond and Rhode Island may be beating down the CAA’s door to get in.

The best case senario for us to attrack a decent FBS conference is 2020. That’s 10 years, this will go down long before that and even if its the mildest, can we afford not to make plans on the assumption things will quiet down?

What path should our AD pursue??? How should we protect ourselves and be “proactive” to put us in the best position for the coming storm???

Really people? This is the biggest thing this side of football that might happen to us and none of the learned collegiate scholars on this board have any ideas what we should do?

This topic has been discussed over and over and over. I think people are just tired of it.

I’m tired of it.

I guess Judy’s job is harder than we thought?

You have 259 posts, you don’t have the right to be tired about s***! ::slight_smile:

Treat our football program like an FBS program from the start. That’s the best thing we can do to be ready for anything.

Exactly… what do you want us to do 49FN? We won’t have a football team till 2013 and then it will be FCS… The only thing we can hope for is maybe at the end of the season that all this happens that we are in the sweet sixteen and one of the big conferences is willing to wait for our football, otherwise we are just going to have to wait till we are playing FBS and hope a good conference is around then.

I think we should try to join the PAC-10. It may be a little tricky, but I’m sure they would love an East Coast school to boost TV revenue.

I’m not trying to be funny (or serious). I’m just saying that with the list of possible conference shakeups, any thing could happen.